FAQs & Fee Information

Fees & Health Funds ▾

Standard Consultation with
  • Acupuncture: $85 Per Session
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine:
  • Granules: $50-$70
  • Pill/Capsules: $25-$50
  • Raw Herbs: $14-$18 per pack
  • Initial Consultation: $50 extra
Acupuncture is covered by all major health funds.

All products are TGA approved and meet our stringent requirements for effective and health supporting benefits using only the highest quality ingredients.

Why should I choose your clinic? ▾

1. We love and enjoy what we do. Our passion for Chinese medicine comes from a family tradition and having been helping thousands of patients successfully.

2. Extensive knowledge and experinces on practicing integrated medicine: Dr. Gu worked as a medical doctor integrating Chinese Medicine and conventional medicine in a prestigious hospital in China before he came to Australia. Although DR Gu practices Chinese Medicine, he actually majors in both Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Therefore he possesses the best of both worlds thus has a comprehensive understanding of your health issues which enables him to come up with the best and most suitable approach towards solving your concerns.

3. We specialise in fertility and women’s health: hundreds of babies have been born.

4. Dr. Gu not only practises acupuncture, but also have profound knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine, which play very important role in the treatment for fertility and gynaecology conditions. In China, most of the gynaecological conditions and infertility are treated primarily by Chinese herbal Medicine.

Dr. Gu normally combine acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine to treat fertility and women’s health conditons. Chinese herbal medicine can effectivly treat some conditions which may not reponse well to acupuncture.

5. His experience is paramount—20 years of professional experience and thousands of patients each year.

6. Dr Gu is a lecturer and reseacher on acupuncture . In our clinic, We strive to improve & extend our clinical reasoning and skill,maintain our approaches in line with current evidence based research and keep our patients’ goals at the centre of our treatment philosophy.

How Do I Make an Appointment? Is it easy to book in? ▾

To make an appointment for your initial consultation, please call us on 03-95433866. We advice you to call early as possible, for we are very busy. It may take a few days even weeks to get in. We have been in Oakleigh for more than 12 years, and most of our patients are from word of mouth. If you are emergency, or IVF embryo transfer patients, pls let us know. We are committed to accommodate you.

Do I need to bring anything to my first appointment? ▾

Yes, any blood test result or examinations from your doctor’s; your BBT chart or your period record.

How long does treatment take? ▾

For the initial consultation and treatment, it may take 1 hour. Subsequent visits about 45 min for treatments. If you come only for herbs, it takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

What kind of treatment do I need? ▾

This will be determined when you come to the clinic and will be based upon the diagnosis you will be given.Your opinion will at all times be respected and you will only receive a treatment you feel comfortable with.

Does acupuncture hurt? ▾

Acupuncture uses very fine, sterile disposable needles which are inserted in specific points of the body. The needle is as fine as your hair. A mild sensation is often felt but it is seldom uncomfortable.Prior to their first treatment, many people do not believe that acupuncture can be painless. Different sensations such as soreness, numbness, distending, warmth and pressure may be felt, but the energetic sensation differs from pain. People often comment that the feeling is unfamiliar but pleasant and relaxing.

Some people have not yet experienced acupuncture. If this is your first treatment and you are wondering what to expect during acupuncture, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Description of a first acupuncture treatment:

“Lying motionless, gazing at a chart on the wall showing streams of force connecting the little toe with the corner of the eye in a web of continuous loops, I feel my breath soften and my vision sharpen.

“Delicate pins protrude from my elbow, ankle, and knee. My arms and legs are flooded by tiny rivulets of current. It’s not like a hypodermic needle that injects a foreign substance – what I’m feeling is simply more of myself. It’s strange, in the sense of odd and unfamiliar, but as a sensation not unpleasant. In fact, the edges of my mouth are cradling a silly smile.

“The skin is stretched less tightly over my bony frame as my pores relax. I sense movement as I lie quiet, aware of impulse within my mind at rest. Thoughts tumble into consciousness, roll over, and shuffle off.

“With my eyes closed, and perception directed inward, simultaneous layers of activity play like instruments in concert with each other. I am the composer and the composed, the musician, the listener, the instrument and its player.”

Do I need Herbs? ▾

For infertility and gynaecological conditions, Dr. Gu’s treatments generally consist of both acupuncture and tailor-made Chinese herbal medicine as he strongly emphasizes on using a combination of both to maximize the benefits of Chinese Medicine. However, some conditions just need acupuncture, others only herbs.

Do I have to believe in it for it to work? ▾

The answer to this question is no. While having a positive state of mind helps with any type of treatment, conventional or otherwise, it is not necessary to “believe” in acupuncture for it to work. This is evidenced not only through clinical study in “non-believers”, but by the fact that animals and small children who cannot be instructed to “believe” receive relief through the use of acupuncture.

Is it safe? ▾

This is a very common question among those who have never experienced an acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture is extremely safe and there is no danger whatsoever.

Can children receive acupuncture? ▾

Yes, children can receive acupuncture and often have excellent results with this treatment.

What if I need to cancel my appointment? ▾

We have reserved time and space for you. If you wish to cancell your appointment with us, we require at least 24 hours advance notification. Where appointments are cancelled, missed or changed without 24 hour notice, a cancellation fee may be applied. A 24 hour period allows us to rebook this time for another patient who may be on our waiting list for an appointment.

Does acupuncture cover by Private Health Insurance? ▾

We are covered for acupuncture and consultation by over 40 private health funds, including HBF and Medibank Private. If you are covered by a private health insurer, please bring your insurance card and we can claim for you on the spot. The rebated amount will depend on your insurer or the type of cover you have.

How many treatments & how often? ▾

Depending on your medical conditions. For acute conditions, you may need two sessions a week, for general conditions, we suggest 1 or 2 appointments per week at early beginning in order to achieve the quickest response from your body. As your condition improves, treatment is reduced to 1 appointment per week or per fortnight. The duration between treatments becomes longer until your condition is resolved and you no longer require treatment.

Certain conditions may require treatment to be arranged around the stages and phases of the body (ie. fertility & IVF).

The questions we may ask you ▾

Chinese Medicine considers all our physical functioning is associated with our internal organs. When you come in to see us, we may ask you extra questions around your body’s physical condition, including bowel movement, urination, menstruation, sleep, diet, energy levels, stress levels. Further questions and details may be required depending on your individual case.

How about my Medications? ▾

If you are receiving treatment and medications from other practitioners (including your GP), it does not interfere with being able to receive treatment from us. If you are taking medications prescribed by another practitioner please advise us during your appointment with us. We will arrange your treatment to suit.

What should I do to prepare for acupuncture? ▾

It is best if people are neither hungry nor have a full stomach before having an acupuncture treatment.

Loose, comfortable clothing that provides easy access to torso, arms and legs is most desirable. Many people think that they should not schedule an acupuncture treatment when they are sick with a cold or flu, but this is actually a good time to come, since acupuncture and herbal remedies can help speed recovery.

Is there parking? ▾

Parking is easy, we have car park at rear and unlimited parking in front of our clinic on the service road . Parking and rooms accommodate for any patient with a disability.
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