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Prepare well first before IVF

The chance of success increased if couples persevere their attempts, but it could be financially hardship, physically and emotionally straining for them.

That’s why I always recommend couples should prepare them well first before starting IVF Or after failed IVF cycles to start again. The aim of the preparation is to go fewer IVF cycles to to achieve their dream of having a baby and ensure 100% effort into each IVF cycle to maximize the chances.

The preparation precess could take up to 3 months or more depending on each individual’s condition. Also, as the eggs which will be retrieved for IVF cycle spend several months developing in the ovaries. To optimize the outcome, a good preparation should includes a heathy diet, regular exercise, stress management, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments.

Muti-Failed IVF Cycles

For some couples fail repeatedly, Dr. Gu believes further IVF cycles may need to consider each individual’s specific problem, and should take different approach, not just keep going until “lucky number” arrive.

There are a few reasons could cause multiple IVF cycles failure and Chinese Medicine and acupuncture may be able to help with:
  • Poor Ovarian Response: Patients get few eggs and few embryos,Diminished or Low Ovarian Reserve (Low AMH),or egg can’t be fertilised, poor quality eggs.
  • Embryo Problems: which depends on the quality of egg and sperm: genetic abnormalities, sperm defects, chromosome problems.
  • Uterus Problems: Toxins in the uterus,like infection; thin endometrium(Lining) ; endometriosis; uterine cavity abnormalities, inflammation  factors;slow sluggish  blood flow within lining.
  • Interaction between the uterus and the embryos: Both the uterus and the embryos have to be receptive to implantation. Immunological factors, high natural killer cells.
In my acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practice, my focus is always on successful outcomes for patients. Every couple is unique and the causes of infertility are also different. I analysis each individual’s fertility challenges and treat them with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine accordingly.

Once the challenges and imbalances resolved, the chance of successful IVF are greater. It’s not uncommon to see couples conceive naturally while preparing for IVF with my treatments.

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