Multiple Failed IVF Cycles
Multiple Failed IVF Cycles: Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Approaches

Some infertile patients undergo many IVF cycles and produce embryos, but the embryos consistently fail to implant for unexplained reasons. This is called IVF failure or implantation failure.

Dr. Peter Gu has been seeing many patients with multiple failed IVF cycles in his 20 years of Chinese Medicine practice. He understands their frustration and distress. They are looking for answers as to why they are not getting pregnant.

For some couples fail repeatedly, Dr. Gu believes further IVF cycles may need to consider each individual’s specific problem, and should take different approach, not just keep going until “lucky number” arrive.

There are a few reasons could cause multiple IVF cycles failure and Chinese Medicine and acupuncture may be able to help with:
  • Poor Ovarian Response: Patients get few eggs and few embryos,Diminished or Low Ovarian Resever(Low AMH),or egg can’t be fertilised, poor quality eggs.
  • Embryo Problems: which depends on the quality of egg and sperm: genetic abnormalities, sperm defects, chromosome problems.
  • Uterus Problems: Toxins in the uterus,like infection; thin endometrium(Lining) ; endometriosis; uterine cavity abnormalities, inflammation  factors;slow sluggish  blood flow within lining.
  • Interaction between the uterus and the embryos: Both the uterus and the embryos have to be receptive to implantation. Immunological factors, high natural killer cells.
For couples with multiple failed IVF cycles, Dr. Peter Gu approaches from Chinese Medicine point of view, to analyst and assess each individuls. Many of them are not in their optimal health, imbalanced and deficient.

Dr. Gu has extensive knowledge and experience in treating these individuals’ conditions and has developed an effective combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments to improve their chances of success pregnancy.
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